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Mole Catcher UK offer a highly effective mole catching service to manor houses, farms, golf courses, equestrian centres and domestic garden. If have a single mole causing a nuisance or hundreds of mole causing damage to crops or grazing, we will be able to quickly and effectively eliminate the mole infestation. All our mole control treatments are totally non-toxic, and pet and child safe.


Dean Gibbs registered mole catcher number Berkshire 366 & Robin mole catcher number Hampshire 453 our both members of the British traditional Mole Catchers register and the Association of professional Mole Catchers and strictly follow their code of practice!



Local mole catchers (skilled ones) are few and far between these days, moles had been poisoned so heavily by farmers that the population of moles were kept fairly low. However since the ban of this mole poison, the mole population has grown so much that there is such a problem with moles we can have two full time local mole catchers working with us! Our mole catchers look after all manner of properties from 3,000 acre farms, golf courses, playing fields and small gardens! In recent years the mole numbers have been increasing by a huge amount, Click the link below to read more about the mole population increase. Mole population soars due to poison ban!


If you would like to speak to some of our existing clients this can be arranged any time!

We can cover most Berkshire – North Hampshire – Surrey – South Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire for mole control! If you are not in one of these counties then please consider using a BTMR or APMC registered mole catcher by visiting their site here BTMR or APMC.


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We cover most of Berkshire - North Hampshire - Surrey - South Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

If you need a mole catcher anywhere else in the UK please consider looking on the British Traditional Mole Catchers Register or The APMC





For contact details of your local mole catcher please click on the county links below.


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Or call our head office on 01189680841 for more information.


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