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By Dean Gibbs, Sep 21 2015 01:19PM

Mole Catcher Berkshire - Busy Week

This week has been a very busy week, with the summer coming to a close and a fair amount of rain fall.

Moles have really been busy digging up peoples gardens and other public spaces.

If you would like a quote or some advice about a mole issue in the Berkshire area please call 01189 680 841.

By Dean Gibbs, Mar 30 2015 12:21PM

Mole Catcher Berkshire - Streatley RG8 - DKG Pest Control LTD have been called to this large property in Berkshire to clear the grounds of moles. The gardener has been trying to catch the moles at the property for a few years with little success.

After setting traps on the 2 acre grounds this morning I will be back tomorrow to check the traps for and trapped moles.

Hopefully all the moles will be caught by tomorrow leaving the client mole free.

Mole Catcher Berkshire

By Dean Gibbs, Nov 14 2014 12:06PM

Pest mole Population double in 12 Months!

Across the UK it appears the mole population has doubled in the past 12 months, this may be due to an exceptionally mild winter and the overall increase in the moles population has been due to the ban of strychnine in 2006.

Our mole catchers have been kept busy throughout the summer this year and have actually run out of trap on one occasion this year! meaning a quick call to our suppliers fr another 300 traps.

If you need the services of a mole catcher please call 01189680841

Mole Catcher

By Dean Gibbs, Aug 12 2014 11:12AM

Southern Mole Catchers were called to clear a golf course in Berkshire last month, the course didn't have a large number of moles but the moles that were present have been causing a huge amount of damage.

All the moles were in sensitive areas of the course such as fairways and greens.

Not only do moles cause a lot of damage to the golf course, they also leave behind a lot of sub-surface tunnelling which can give way when stood on and the mole hills themselves can become very slippery or contain lots of stones which can damage machinery.

Most golf courses treat the greens with insecticide that kills insect larvae in the ground, reducing the food source for the moles making the area much less attractive to the mole. However this doesn't always work.

For more information on our mole catching service or to contact a mole catcher visit Mole Catcher website or call 01189680841

By Dean Gibbs, Aug 12 2014 10:33AM

Mole Catcher Hampshire - This garden has been severely damaged by moles in a very short period of time. The tenant of this property in Fennel Close Farnborough Hampshire had only been on holiday for three weeks! And on their return found that their beautiful lawn had been ruined!

Our mole catcher Robin set 3 mole traps here on Monday and had caught the mole this morning Tuesday!

Now waiting for the lawn to be relayed.

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